Topics for Discussion

1. Hemingway had heard about the frozen carcass of a leopard on Mount Kilimanjaro from a former safari guide. Why did he begin his story with that information? Does it relate in any way to the hyena that comes near the camp, or does it relate to the plane trip that Harry imagined?

2. What was Harry’s initial reaction to seeing the vultures? How did that view change?

3. Had Harry feared death most of his life? What is his view of death throughout the story?

4. Did Harry love Helen? Why did he say he did not and then change his mind and tell her he did love her?

5. What specific things had Harry waited to write about? Why?

6. Why did Harry call it bragging when Helen told him she did everything he wanted to do?

7. What destroyed Harry’s talent?

8. “The one experience that he had never had he was not going to spoil now.” What is the experience that Harry’s thinking of?

9. How does Harry feel about the rich?

10. Hemingway’s working title for this story was “A Budding Friendship.” He changed it to “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” before it was published. Which is the better name? Why?

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