Topics for Discussion

1. Why doesn’t Anne’s father take the family to another country?

2. What influences people like Miep, Elli, Kraler, and Koophuis to risk their lives to save others?

3. Of the eight people in hiding, whose personality changes the most in the course of the diary?

4. Mr. Dussel sees Anne as a spoiled, obnoxious chatterbox. Is this view justified?

5. Who tells the Nazis about the people in hiding?

6. Knowing that she is doomed, what is your reaction to Anne’s ending the diary on an optimistic note?

7. If Anne had expected her diary to be published, would she have written differently? Would she have eliminated some personal topics?

8. Would Anne and Peter’s relationship have been different if they were not in hiding?

9. Could an event similar to the Holocaust ever take place again? Could it take place in America?

10. If Anne had survived, what effects do you think that her two years in hiding would have had on the rest of her life?

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