Compare and Contrast

1805: America is still developing an identity after winning its independence from England in 1783. A second war against England will be fought from 1812-1814. 1866-1869: In the aftermath of the Civil War, America undergoes a period known as ReConstruction. Today: America is a stable country. It is considered the dominant economic and military power in the world.

1815: News of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo is reported four days later by London’s Morning Chronicle, which scooped the competing British newspapers. 1866: Telegraph communication is the most common way to communicate over long distances. In America, Western Union controls 75,000 miles of wire, becoming the first great monopoly. Today: News events are available instantly from all corners of the globe, thanks to the Internet.

1805-1815: Napoleon Bonaparte is the Emperor of France. He assumes that position after his rise to military power during the French Revolution. 1866-1869: Naploean III is Emperor of France, having named himself emperor in 1852. A nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, he is elected president in 1848 and then seizes dictatorial power. Today: France is a republic; the people democratically elect a president.

1805: The Russian population is approximately 33 million people. 1866: The population of Russia has increased to approximately 76 million people. Today: Russia has a population of approximately 149 million people.

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