Compare the several editions of The Trial (Brod’s-if possible, Muir’s and Breon Mitchell’s-based on Pasley’s German edition). How do interpretations of single words affect the story? What is the importance of the chapter order?

Whether in literary forms, science fiction, movies, or television shows, Kafka has proved to be an infinite source of inspiration. Select a work which you feel is Kafkaesque and defend your choice.

What do you think Kafka would think of the Internet? Or, more narrowly, how would Josef K. handle himself inside a Multi-User-Domain?

Kafka’s novel has often been interpreted as a religious commentary. How far do you think such a critique is supported by the text? Pick one creed-Calvinism, Catholicism or Judaism-and discuss the possible textual evidence for its influence in The Trial.

Does the knowledge that The Trial was written by a Jewish author in pre-World War II Europe add an extra dimension to our understanding of the legal nightmare K. is dragged into? Discuss the novel as what George Steiner has called a “prophetic statement” about the Holocaust.

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