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In a general sense, all of Hemingway’s work is related, but the reader who wishes to gain a more thorough understanding of Hemingway’s love for Spain is referred to the author’s classic nonfiction study of the bullfight, Death in the Afternoon.

The Sun Also Rises is frequently studied in conjunction with Hemingway’s novels A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls and his novella, The Old Man and the Sea. In each of these later works, Hemingway’s protagonist faces death or extreme deprivation, and learns the value of “grace under pressure.” Read together, these books span nearly four decades and provide a glimpse of how Hemingway sustained and adapted his basic Themes over the course of his career.

There have been many attempts to adapt Hemingway’s work to film. The Sun Also Rises was made into a disappointing motion picture, directed by Henry King and starring Tyrone Power, Eva Gardner, and Errol Flynn, in 1957; in 1985 it resurfaced as a disastrous NBC television miniseries starring Jane Seymour, Hart Bochner, Zeljko Ivanek, and Robert Carradine. Neither version captured the spirit of the work or displayed any comprehension of the novel’s Themes.

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