Winnie Louie’s life in China was difficult and tumultuous. Research China in the 1940s with special attention to political events. Pretend you are a simple villager and write a two-week diary in which you make the decision either to stay in China or to leave before the Communists claim power.

Study Chinese visual arts and prepare an overview of how they did and did not change over the course of the 20th century. Given the historical context, try to account for the changes as well as the adherence to tradition.

Review Chinese religious belief systems and consider how they would respond to one of the following modern-day issues: genetic manipulation, space exploration, or racial tensions. Write an essay in which you present three different possible responses to one of these issues, based on what you have learned about Chinese religions.

The role of women in China has changed since the events of Winnie Louie’s life. Hold a debate on the following topic: during the 20th century, women’s roles in the United States changed in much the same manner as women’s roles in China changed, and women’s rise in status in the two countries is comparable.

Provide three compelling and well-supported reasons why Japan was determined to claim Chinese land in the 1930s and 1940s. Consider areas such as military strategy, imperialism, resources, and the historical relationship between the two nations.

The Kitchen God’s Wife is a novel of conflict: interpersonal conflict, international conflict, and intergenerational conflict. Draw five examples of conflict from the novel and determine what you believe the root cause to be in each case. Can you think of possible ways to resolve any or all of these conflicts, or are they unable to be resolved?

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