In an interview with Elaine Woo for the Los Angeles Times (March 12, 1989), Amy Tan said that her parents wanted their children “to have American circumstances and Chinese character.” Write an essay that explains what her parents may have meant. Give specific examples to illustrate the “circumstances” and “character.”

Trace the history of Chinese immigration into our country. When did the Chinese begin arriving in our country? For what reasons do the Chinese come here? Where do they choose to settle? Why do they settle there?

The Joy Luck Club was published in 1989. That same year saw a major uprising by Chinese university students in Beijiing’s Tiananmen Square. Investigate these 1989 demonstrations. Why were these students demonstrating? How did their country react? How did our country react? What were the effects on the Chinese who were studying in the United States at the time?

What was the history of the “Joy Luck Club?” How did it get its name? What was its significance? Why did the Chinese-American women feel the need to have a Joy Luck Club in America?

Compare and Contrast pre-World War II China with China today. Discuss such aspects as living conditions, government, cultural aspects, education, etc.

Investigate the psychological aspects of either generational conflict or mother/daughter relationships. Write an essay that describes your own experiences in relation to what you’ve learned from your research.

How might Amy Tan’s growing-up experiences differ if she had lived in your hometown rather than in Santa Clara? What might have been the same?

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