Topics for Discussion

1. What is the American dream? Does it mean the same thing for different characters in the book? Has Jay Gatsby attained what he believes the dream promises?

2. Why does Daisy temporarily leave her husband for Gatsby? Why doesn’t she stay with Gatsby?

3. Why does Gatsby love Daisy? How does he demonstrate his love for her? What is the meaning of the green light?

4. What does Nick think about Gatsby? How does his view of Gatsby change?

5. A recurring motif is the bad driver. List the occasions of reckless driving. What does bad driving symbolize?

6. What is the significance of Myrtle Wilson’s death? Why does Daisy let Gatsby take the blame for her death?

7. What is the symbolic meaning of the billboard displaying Dr. T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes, overlooking the valley of ashes?

8. Why does only one of Gatsby’s former guests show up for his funeral?

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