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In Forster’s first novel, Where Angels Fear To Tread, (1905) he contrasts the vibrant, free life of Italians with the artificial, hypocritical and bourgeois life of the suburban Londoners who visit an Italian village. In A Room with a View, issued in 1908, Forster focuses on a young woman’s love affair and her struggle with Victorian conventions. Forster continued his exploration of English society, this time in the context of colonial India, with his last and most highly regarded novel, A Passage to India (1924). Howards End was adapted for the stage by Lance Sieveking and Richard Cottrell and was produced in London in 1967. A BBC production of Howards End, adapted by Pauline Macaulay, was broadcast in 1970.

A film adaptation of Howards End was released by Merchant Ivory Productions in 1992, starring Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. The film garnered nine Academy Award nominations, winning for Best Actress (for Thompson), Best Screenplay Adaptation, and Best Art Direction.

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