Topics for Discussion

1. Why is the novel subtitled The Modern Prometheus?

2. Why does Frankenstein create such a large, ugly monster rather than a normal-sized, good-looking man?

3. Why does Frankenstein not make a mate for the monster?

4. Why, initially, does Frankenstein hate his creature?

5. What is the purpose of the De Lacey interlude? How does it relate to the novel as a whole?

6. What conclusion does the monster reach about mankind after hearing Volney’s “Ruins of Empires” and reading Goethe, Plutarch, and Milton?

7. Why do we now refer to the monster as Frankenstein while in the novel he is unnamed?

8. Why does the monster kill Elizabeth?

9. In what ways is Frankenstein the “brother” of Walton’s “heart”?

10. According to George Levine, “one of the novel’s themes is the danger of knowledge.” How is knowledge dangerous in Frankenstein?

11. Why does the monster keep leaving clues for Frankenstein to follow him?

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