Ideas and Topics for Papers


What is the role of game playing in the novel? How do games demonstrate the motif of breathing lessons or support Tyler’s large Themes?


1. The legal issues of child custody and visitation rights have become more complex recently. What rights have the courts awarded to grandparents? What is your view on the issue?

2. Tyler’s novel returns to the topic of the nursing home repeatedly. Research the quality of nursing home care across the United States in the late 1980s. How does it compare with the care given in today’s nursing homes? What does the placing of senior citizens in nursing homes say about the value our society places on the elderly, then or now?

3. Considered to be a triumph of urban revitalization, how is Harborplace doing today? Locate some pictures or film of the area and provide a description. Has it exceeded the hopes of the city planners in Baltimore?

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