Rand was the originator of Objectivist philosophy, embodied in Atlas Shrugged. Did Objectivism ever gain acceptance in mainstream philosophy? Why or why not?

Compare and contrast the Objectivist principles, listed in John Galt’s radio address, to those of prominent communist philosophers such as Karl Marx. What are the main differences between these two ideologies? How does each view the purpose of human life and work?

Research the political systems of the 1950s United States and the Soviet Union and compare the differences between the two countries in their government’s regulations of businesses. How do these governmental approaches compare to the establishment’s directives in Atlas Shrugged?

Research the life of a well-known and successful businessperson in today’s America. Compare and contrast his or her path toward success, attitudes, and professional ethics to those of Rand’s protagonists, Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden. Do today’s entrepreneurs function by the same standards as Rand’s heroes? What are the differences? Do you think they are justified?

Compare the utopia of John Galt’s valley to present-day capitalist America, citing specific examples. Would Rand approve of the United States economy of today? Why or why not?

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