About the Author

Bram (Abraham) Stoker was born November 8, 1847, in Dublin, Ireland. At Trinity College, Dublin, he excelled as an athlete, having overcome a childhood illness […]


Dracula has appealed to readers for almost a century, at least in part because it deals with one of the great human conflicts: the struggle […]


Stoker uses a circular structure for his novel, incorporating two settings. Transylvania is the setting for the beginning and end of the novel, and, since […]

Literary Qualities

Paradoxically, Dracula has been judged both a failure and a masterpiece. To most modern readers the novel seems uneven, containing passages filled with suspense and […]

Social Sensitivity

While Dracula’s subject matter is disturbing, young readers today are unlikely to find the novel extremely frightening and may miss its sexual elements altogether. Depictions […]


Numerous films of Dracula have appeared, most of which make little attempt to follow the plot of the novel. The first film version was the […]