Franz Kafka is one of the greatest influences on Western literature in the twentieth century. He has inspired a whole range of artists from the […]

Franz Kafka

The first of six children, Franz Kafka was born in 1883. His father, Herman Kafka, was an industrious man; he owned a dry-goods store in […]

Plot Summary

A The Arrest At the start of The Trial, Joseph K. awakes on the morning of his thirtieth birthday. He is greeted by two warders, […]


A Religion A central element of Judeo-Christian theology is the belief that humans are guilty of original sin. There are various ways to deal with […]


A Uncle Albert K.’s Uncle Albert rushes into town after hearing from his daughter, Erna, that K. is on trial. He is extremely annoyed that […]


A Parable Parables are familiar teaching devices that reveal moral lessons through short and simple stories. A parable’s simplicity lends it a timeless quality. For […]


Compare the several editions of The Trial (Brod’s-if possible, Muir’s and Breon Mitchell’s-based on Pasley’s German edition). How do interpretations of single words affect the […]