Camus gave the world a new kind of hero when The Stranger and the accompanying essay collection The Myth of Sisyphus burst upon the literary […]

Albert Camus

Albert Camus lived in a period of remarkable turmoil in the world-two world wars were fought, and colonized countries began independence struggles-notably India and Algeria. […]

Plot Summary

A Part One The Stranger opens with the narrator, Meursault, receiving a telegram telling him his mother has died. Departing on the afternoon bus from […]


A Marie Cardona Formerly a typist in the same office as Meursault, Marie Cardona happens to be swimming where Meursault goes swimming the day after […]


A Narrative Psychological self-examinations are common in French first-person narratives, but Camus’s The Stranger gave the technique of psychological depth a new twist at the […]


A Absurdity Absurdity is a philosophical view at which one arrives when one is forced out of a very repetitive existence. As Camus says, in […]


Consider the element of time in the novel. Suggest some reasons why Camus chose not to establish the date or era. Keep in mind the […]

Compare and Contrast

1942: Algeria is a French colony under the government of Nazi occupation. Today: The political party which established Algeria as an independent nation has lost […]