Toni Morrison’s third novel, Song of Solomon, established her as a major American writer. The story of a black man’s search for his identity through […]


A Guitar Bains Guitar is Milkman’s best friend. As a child, his father was killed in a terrible industrial accident, and his mother abandoned the […]


A Coming-of-Age In some respects, Milkman’s story is a classic Bildungsroman, a coming-of-age story about the moral and psychological development of the main character. However, […]


One of the catalysts for Guitar’s increased involvement in politics is the Emmett Till case. Discuss the impact of Emmett Till’s lynching on the political […]

Compare and Contrast

1963: President Kennedy is assassinated, plunging all Americans into mourning. 1970s: President Nixon resigns after being implicated in the Watergate scandal. Today: President Clinton is […]